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Monday, April 6, 2009

A Great Easter Mini Unit Study

My family and I did Resurrection Eggs last year for Easter. We loved it so much that we are going to make it a tradition in our family.
Then I got thinking that these would be great for a mini unit study on the meaning of Easter. You could open 1 or 2 eggs a day depending on when you want to start them. How excited the kids would be each day to open the egg to find what "symbol" was inside it to continue the Resurrection Story.

If you don't have any, this is the cheapest place I found them. I didn't look on Ebay.

Resurrection Eggs

Resurrection Eggs-An imaginative tool to teach your kids the real message of Easter. Each carton comes with an easy-to-understand booklet that explains how to use the eggs, plus stories that reveal the significance of the symbols hidden inside the eggs.

Here are some Resurrection Egg Games you can play with your children or grandchildren or even your Sunday School kids.


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