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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Homeschool Myth #3 - I Have To Do A New Lesson Every Day

This is basically directed towards those parents who already know there is going to be a "problem" subject or topic. For my daughter it was fractions and verbs.
Every year, when we would go over fractions in math, she just struggled horribly. She could not understand the concept. For as artistic as she is, she can not "see" math problems. The first year I homeschooled, I was almost pulling my hair out. I was stressing over the fact that going "forward" was not going to work, but if I didn't, what if we got behind? The "homeschool police" (there really isn't any, just the entity you make up in your mind) were going to get me because we were behind a few lessons!
A friend of mine told me to CHILL OUT! What was more important, that you ended the year at lesson 180 or that your daughter understands fractions? That was all I needed to hear. I went back to the reasons why I homeschooled, and this was one of them. When you are in a public or private school. You must go with the group. If Tommy is stuck on fractions, the teacher can not hold up the whole class for him. He will just have to get extra help. So he now needs to get help learning fractions and try to keep up with the rest of the class. See the problem?
There was only ONE in my class. And her "getting it" was so much more important. We worked on fractions for 2 weeks. And she got it, mind you she would forget most by next year, but I didn't have to do another 2 weeks, it only took 1 week. The year after that it was a few days. Same thing happened with her verbs.
I can NOT stress enough to any homeschooling parent, new or old. Remember why you are doing this. You wanted to give your child a better education. You need to stop thinking like a "school" who would leave your child behind and keep thinking like a parent who will pick up your child from behind and walk with them side by side.


Nightowl Mama said...

well said. Applause to u for homeschooling

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