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Thursday, February 26, 2009

BrainPop.Com - An Awesome Homeschooling Resource

While looking for some information on an electromagnetic spectrum one day, I came across this website. I fell in love with it!

Tim and Moby are the main characters. They have a little movie in which they talk about a certain subject. For instance, and electromagnetic spectrum! Whatever science we are doing, I can find at LEAST 3 movies that will fit in with our topic. The movies are a wonderful added resource to what you are teaching. They even have a quiz at the end of each movie! You can do it on the site or print it out! There are also activities for each movie as well!
During October, we started watching movies on the Electoral College and the history behind the political parties and more.

They cover Math, English, Science, Social Studies, Arts & Music, Health, and Technology. In each of these subjects are MANY different topics/movies to watch. Some public school districts use this site, too.

I have been using it since the beginning of school, I have had NO complaints about it and have seen topics that I may struggle with making it crystal clear to my children, become clear after viewing a movie about it!

Another plus is that they give a special price for homeschoolers! It is well worth the investment for all the added resources it gives you and the entertainment it gives your child while they are learning. My kids actually argue over who gets to get on first. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this site for any homeschooling family.

BrainPOP for Home Schools
Rated A+ By Teachers and Parents
The More You Know The More You Know


Shelby said...

I LOVE Tim and Moby! I hope you keep finding more way's for learning to be fun!!

Nightowl Mama said...

I'll have to take a look at that site thanks

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