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Monday, February 16, 2009

Homschooling Myth #1 - You Need A Degree In Teaching.

You don't need a college degree to homeschool your child. I do not feel any less qualified to teach my child because I didn't get a college degree in teaching. The only way I would question your ability to teach your child, is if you have absolutely NEVER taught your child one thing, like coloring, throwing a ball, tying their shoes, brushing their teeth, etc.
I know that the thought of teaching your child/children seems overwhelming, but it is absolutely achievable. All YOU need is a heart to do it. There are a few different ways you can do this.
Curriculum like Abeka and Bob Jones, tell you daily what to do, what to say, and even what questions to ask. If you can can do that!
Abeka and Bob Jones also have DVD curriculum where THEIR teachers cover each subject's daily teaching via a DVD! You are there to grade papers (Abeka has an accredited program where you send all your child's work to THEM to grade!), help with any problems, and direct your child to the correct DVD for that day.
Switched-On Schoolhouse is a complete year's curriculum done from your computer.
Lifepacs curriculum teaches through your child working through consecutive workbooks.
These are just a few of the different styles for the parent who is unsure of their ability to teach their child.
Bob Jones Curriculum
Abeka DVD Curriculum


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Hello Tonya, my name is Kristi Gesink and I work for the Homeschooling Company Alpha Omega Publications. After reading through your blog I noticed that you mentioned our Switched on Schoolhouse and LifePac curriculums. We would like to say a big thank you for mentioning our great products on your blog and would really appreciate it if you would post a link from your blog to our site at

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May God bless your day!
Kristi Gesink

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